The Drawing Lance Pitch : Little Legends

Recently I threw together a pitch for a children's show (or animated short) for Nickelodeon's open submissions earlier this year.  I based the pitch material on Drawing Lance, and it took me a few weeks to get it to a decent enough spot for submission.  Which is why you haven't seen many comics go up on www.drawinglance.blogspot.com.

When I first started my comic Drawing Lance it was supposed to be about a group of buds adventuring around a game table. Their modern personalities coming to the surface of the game characters. While I sort of pull this off, most of the initial concept was neglected in favor of 3 panel beat comedy strips.  I revisited this idea with the pitch.

In this iteration, I take the personalities of my friends and I and install them in tiny, child versions of ourselves.  The core concept of the show would be to address the trials and tribulations of growing up as a weird kid.  All the frightening experiences of youth, like first kisses, lunch room food fights, pop quizzes and proms would be played out in the kid's weekly D&D-like campaign. Wherein they find the courage and solutions to their little problems.... making them legends in the real world as well as the fantastic one.

Saw I'm calling it Little Legends.

Below are the first few revised character designs of Attar, Henklestout and Ebelnard. Our heroes of Drawing Lance.  The first draft of the kids lineup follows, along with a study of the wizard's, er... study.  And the first half of a short adventure.  (i'll post the rest of it soon enough.)

I would like to flesh this out even further and build a real, legit cartoon show.  This means that Drawing Lance will probably be retired so I can focus on new adventures.

(it's just kinda the Sandlot. I wanted something simple and recognizable for the pitch)


Drawing Lance #42 & #43

New Drawing Lance comic is up and we're nearing the end of this arc (maybe the series for a while too). The plan is to wrap up this project soon so I can make room for new work. Things like new comics, animation and storytelling.  I won't write an obituary for this webcomic just yet, but I have really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to implementing the things I've learned in future endeavors... which will also be chock full of adventure!

Check out the new comic through the link



Revisited this drawing of Regina to add some color.


Drawing Lance : #41

The pencils for Partnered Savaging.  Check out the latest strips by clicking the link!


Drawing Lance : #40

New comic strip is live!  Check out the pencils for this latest strip after the link!


The Brave Companions

...who are only three but will grow in numbers. Let their adventure be told.

And be told it shall, only at...

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Drawing Lance #35

This comic from Drawing Lance was actually one of the first strips I ever drew for the series.  In fact, that one silly line, "rustle me from wakefulness" was one of the comical inspirations for the comic as I spouted in my haste to sound encouragaing for the quest ahead.

The rest is history.

This 3 panel colored strip below was the first draft of the comic even before I refined my method for color.  Since the style of the comic has been evolving I revisited this one to keep it current and the establishing shot of Winterhaven.