An illustration I've been pecking away at. The blank space to the left is for text, so intentionally made vacant. Can you guess who those characters are? ;) I wanted to make something character driven with a bit of humor. Started with a drawing I did years ago that I dragged out of the closet. Maybe another one soon? I think I'll focus on more depth of environment next.



Anguy the Archer

Anguy the Archer. “Cartoon’d” and inspired by the Game of Thrones.  If you know me then you’ll know I’m not a fan of the books or show. Basically because I’m a sucker for fantasy heroes and GoT has made it clear that all men die…even heroes. And that’s a bummer. However, the Brotherhood without Banners, in some way, is heroic. At least in their own eyes. And I like their similarities to Robin Hood’s merry men. So I honor them in art. In my own way.



I've rejiggered my Tumblr and cleaned out the old cobwebs of RPG  observavtions. I hope to continue it as an active sketchbook while this site, my blog, focuses on more completed thoughts and projects.

Please enjoy!


Little Legends : Character Sketches

Some more posing sketches from Little Legends. He's carrying a katana 'cause you can never be too prepared.